How to tie your belt

Here is a video of Miki Nakamichi Sensei (former World Kata Champion) showing how to tie your belt.

Kata Videos

Bassai-Dai is for strength, Kanku-Dai is for speed, Empi is for contraction and expansion, and with Jion you go back to basic.” Yasunori Ogura sensei, 19 November 2019, Brussels

These kata videos were recorded nearly 25 years ago and were posted by Cambridge University Karate Club on their website. They are rather embarrassing for me to watch – I can see a lot of things that I would do differently now!

Kihon Kata (基本型)

Heian Shodan (平安初段)

Heian Nidan (平安弐段)

Heian Sandan (平安参段)

Heian Yondan (平安四段)

Heian Godan (平安五段)

There are 25 katas in JKA. We train all of these katas in our sessions. As well as the 5 Heian katas above, these are:

Tekki Shodan (鉄騎初段)

Tekki Nidan (鉄騎弐段)

Tekki Sandan (鉄騎参段)

Bassai-Dai (抜塞大)

Kanku-Dai (観空大)

Empi (燕飛)

Jion (慈恩)

Hangetsu (半月)

Bassai-Sho (抜塞小)

Kanku-Sho (観空小)

Nijushiho (二十四歩)

Jitte (十手)

Gankaku (岩鶴)

Gojushiho-Sho (五十四歩小)

Gojushiho-Dai (五十四歩大)

Chinte (珍手)

Sochin (壮鎮)

Unsu (雲手)

Meikyo (明鏡)

Wankan (王冠)

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