11 May 2019 – Sensei Ken at the Second JKA England North Regions Open Course

Ken sensei was invited by Rotherham JKA Karate Club for the second time this year to teach an open course for JKAE North Region at Concord Sports Centre in Sheffield. Over 40 karate-ka attended, including many from non-JKA associations. Third Open Course is already planned in November!

3 – 6 May 2019 – JKAE International Spring Gasshuku 2019

Cambridge took a record number of students to the exhausting but excellent four days of training at the 2019 JKAE Spring Gasshuku at K2 Sports Centre in Crawley. There was an amazing line-up of top instructors: Sensei Ogura (8th Dan, JKA HQ), Sensei Ogane (4th Dan, JKA HQ), Sensei Gneo (7th Dan, JKA Belgium), Sensei Sawada (7th Dan, JKA Belgium) and Sensei Ohta.


We also had six kyu grading successes:

Max Ventura, 1st kyu (cross grade)
Juan Pablo Narváez Gómez, 1st kyu (cross grade)
Janice Ebbutt, 2nd kyu
Sammy Hori, 2nd kyu
Elsie Hori, 2nd kyu
Louis Saito-Maloberti, 9th kyu

Well done everyone!


16 March 2019 – 19th Legends Open, Bracknell

Eighteen JKA England squad members competed at the 19th Legends Open in Bracknell on Saturday 16th March. We came home with 20 medals and 2 special trophies. Congratulations to Zelda for winning silver in Senior Women’s Kumite and Senior Mixed Team Kumite. Great achievements!

27 January 2019 – Sensei Ken at JKA England North Regions Open Course

Ken sensei was invited by Rotherham JKA Karate Club to teach an open course for JKAE North Region at Hoyland Leisure Centre in Barnsley. Nearly 60 karate-ka, including many from non-JKA associations, joined a three hour course on kihon and kata. A special thanks to Luis Bastidas sensei who organised the course. Sensei has already been invited back for another course in May!

30 Nov – 2 Dec 2018 – JKAE International Winter Gasshuku 2018

Had great three days in Crawley for the 15th Anniversary JKAE Winter Gasshuku with great teaching by Sensei Imamura (7th Dan), Sensei Hanzaki (7th Dan) and Sensei Ohta at K2 Sports Centre in Crawley.


We now have two new brown belts!
Sammy Hori, 3rd kyu
Elsie Hori, 3rd kyu


3 November 2018 – JKA England Open Championships, K2, Crawley

Five of our regular members from Cambridge Karate Dojo competed at the JKA England Open Championships. This is a high standard competition attended by JKA international competitors, which this year included JKA Scotland, JKA Norway, JKA Malta and JKA Berlin, as well as many competitors from other associations.

Well done to all of our members. No medals but you came home wanting more, which is always a good sign!

Joe – veterans kata: came 5th, missed out on the final by just 0.1 point! Sadly had to pull out of kumite due to injury.
Max – veterans kata and kumite
David – brown belt men’s kata and kumite
Elsie – 10/11/12 yr old green/purple/purple & white kata and kumite
Zelda (competing for Harpenden) – senior women’s kata (lost to European medallist) and kumite (lost to the Norwegian champion)

20-21 October 2018 – Cambridge visits JKA Scotland

Two members of Cambridge Karate Dojo attended the JKA Scotland Gasshuku in Dunfermline. There were excellent teaching by Imura Sensei (seen below doing a handstand!), Kurihara Sensei (current World Kata Champion) and our very own Ohta Sensei.

4 August 2018 – Cambridge visits JKA Malta

Four members of Cambridge Karate Dojo visited JKA Malta in St Julians, Malta, on 4th August. In the soaring heat, Dario Chircop sensei (Chief Instructor of JKA Malta, 5th Dan) and Ken sensei shared the teaching, broken up by many water breaks!

JKA Malta Aug18 cropped

23 June 2018 – JKAE National Championships, K2, Crawley

Three of our regular members from Cambridge Karate Dojo competed at the Nationals:
Joe – veterans kata: performed Jion in the last 8 but did not quite make it through to the last four; veterans kumite: lost in the last 8 to the eventual winner.

Max – veterans kata: did not get through to the last four; veterans kumite: a combination of luck of draws meant he found himself in the SF; fought valiantly but lost, received a bronze medal.

Zelda – Senior ladies kata – performed Kanku-dai in the last 8 but did not get through to the last 4; Senior ladies kumite – fought a good fight against the eventual winner (World Championships Team Kumite twice silver medalist) in SF, received a bronze medal.

Well done to all three!

May 2018 – JKAE International Spring Gasshuku 2018

Had fabulous four days in Crawley for the 15th Anniversary JKAE Gasshuku. Senseis Imura (7th Dan), Kobayashi (7th Dan) and Mai Shiina (4th Dan – the current World Kumite Champion) from JKA HQ and Sensei Sawada (7th Dan) from JKA Belgium joined our very own Sensei Ohta for superb teaching at K2 Sports Centre.


Well done to our members in passing their grading on Saturday!

Janice Ebbutt, 3rd kyu
Meggie Hori, 3rd kyu
Zoe Ross, 3rd kyu
Sammy Hori, 4th kyu
Elsie Hori, 4th kyu

Grading May18


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