We are a JKA club in the centre of Cambridge. Cambridge Karate Dojo is affiliated to JKA WF England (chief instructor Kawasoe Masao Sensei, 8th Dan), and is a member of the Japan Shotokan Karate England group.


The style of karate practised at Cambridge Karate Dojo is traditional shotokan karate, aiming to closely follow the karate taught by JKA HQ.

CKD was established in 2014 by Ken Hori Sensei, 5th Dan JKA, mainly to teach his own children. The club was officially opened to other karate-kas in 2017.

All keen participants, from beginners to black belts, are warmly welcome. As all classes are mixed in age we have a minimum age limit of 8. Please contact Ken Sensei on the contacts page.

Thank you Sensei Bob Hague of Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club for this wonderful video for the North Region Seminar I did in Barnsley in November 2019.

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